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In his song Imagine, John Lennon invited us to collectively imagine a world without religion. This was because the world’s religions have placed a horrifically distorted mask on something he loved — the experience of exploring his consciousness.

For those of us who have had profound experiences of consciousness, which tend to be called ‘spiritual experiences’, to “imagine no religion” isn’t about erasing organized religion. It is about imagining a new language with concepts and terminology not based in dogma, fear, or control.

This book is my answer to John. Spirituality, the exploration of consciousness, has been my life. While honoring that, this is my imaging of how the human psyche can view itself with NO RELIGION.

Story Waters

About this Book

‘No Religion: Consciousness Creates Reality’ is a compilation of updated versions of my best spiritual philosophy from the last twenty years that I am currently working on with multiple texts released each week. The texts released so far can be found through the 18 sub-sections found in the main menu. For my upcoming projects please see the FAQ page.

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The Sunset Channel (2014)
California Seminar (2014)
With Lee Harris, Hamburg (2008)
With my husband Roger Hanson, Joshua Tree (2013)