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About my work.

My article 'My message and where it comes from' is the best introduction to what I do.

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About this website

Use the left-hand menu to navigate the text archive. The 18 numbered sections represent the sub-sections of a new compliation of updated versions of my 20+ years of writing spiritual philosophy called "No Religion: Conscious Creates Reality".  This is my current project which is nearing completion. Below the 18 sections you will find my original book texts.

I intend to use this website as my master writing archive and I look forward to adding lots of content from across my career over 2023.

Beyond that I am looking forward to working on:

  • Completely new texts.
  • Texts expanding upon spoken messages.
  • Transcriptions of popular spoken messages.
  • An autobiography.

Despite the wide range of topics that my written work covers, there are many topics that I have spoken about, but have never written about. Having assembled  my past written material for the 'No Religion' compilation, I am now most excited to go to the recordings on topics I  have never written about.