I Am Not Separate


Story Waters


Seth / SunSon / Hektr / John

Copyright © 2014 by Story Waters.

A Limitlessness Publication.

Editing by B Martin.

Cover image of Story channeling Seth in the Sunset Channel.

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Table of Contents

Note from the author

The SunSon Activation

The Release of Separation AKA SunSet Channel

Welcome to your Snooze Button

Feel This Love

Note from the author

The beginning of 2014 was an incredible time of change as I rather surprisingly found myself moving to California. This had always been something I saw myself doing, but circumstances conspired to delightfully surprise me and on my 42nd birthday on February 9th I married my partner of two years Roger Hanson (an American) and in doing so became a Californian.

And if that wasn’t enough change to be assimilating, Seth then decided to give his first direct-to-camera channel in the popular Sunset channel, two new levels of individuation within my channeling called Hektr & John arrived with a potent level of individuality and messages that got every buzzing, and then a month later StorySun (my future Self) made his first appearance at our first Californian retreat! It is this incredible time that this eBook records with enhanced transcriptions of four messages that were all linked by the theme of ‘the release of separation’.

It is always a big deal for me when a new experience of beingness steps forward in my channeling. Their first messages are always significant declarations of who they are and why they are choosing to communicate. Personally I experience Hektr and John’s messages as multi-dimensional invitations to meet a new experience of our humanity.

Seth’s message, though not his first, in the same way was significant in being the first channel recorded to camera using our new home’s incredible view and there was a sense of occasion. It really felt like an inaugural event and I felt Seth approach it in this way. The video footage remains some of the most beautifully poignant that I have ever recorded.

And then we have the SunSon Activation. This is one of my favorite ever creations that just perfectly formed itself with no effort as a magical video that is freely available to watch on Limitlessness.com. It is great to have it in written form for the first time as it offers the potential for a new deeper appreciation of the ideas that this potent activation offers.

These four messages are each particularly special to me and they perfectly capture three of the most magical months of my life. I hope they take you on a journey to somewhere equally special within your Self. All experiences exist within you, awaiting you to choose them to be conscious. I offer you these blueprints of a level of consciousness that you can connect with and I tell you that all that separates you from experiencing this kind of communication within yourself is your beliefs about your own limits.

You are not separate from anything. You are not separate from experiencing the ideas in this eBook as reality. Every idea is a choice on a menu – the choice to no longer be separate from the experience of that reality. The new world has begun. It is here. It is now. I offer you a signpost to it with this eBook. Know that it is Freedom Consciousness. Know that it is the knowing … I Am Not Separate.