1) I Am You. You Are God.

This is BOOK ONE of The One Self Teachings and is an updated version of my book “You Are God. Get Over It!”. This is one of the best introductions to my work. The book contains a brief preface and 34 three page texts. Asterisks indicate the texts that have been updated so far (currently the first half of the book).

  1. Preface - I Am Free
  2. The Mortal and the Immortal (new chapter)
  3. I Am That I Am*
  4. You Choose*
  5. The Illusion*
  6. The Unfolding*
  7. Follow Your Heart*
  8. Allowance*
  9. Your Story*
  10. The Equality of Being*
  11. Unfolding Your Story*
  12. Love Fear*
  13. You Are Safe*
  14. The Fluidity of Synchronicity*
  15. Sovereignty*
  16. Resistance is a Brake*
  17. Let Your Creation Be*
  18. Let the Shit Hit the Fan*
  19. The Individuation of Being*
  20. Transforming Resistance Into Clarity
  21. Releasing Violence
  22. You Cause What Affects You
  23. Shields Are Wounds
  24. You Do Not Know What You Fear
  25. Judgment is a Cage
  26. To Create is Not to Control
  27. Know You Are Perfectly Abundant
  28. Wholeness Through Healing
  29. The Allowance of Happiness
  30. Being Yourself
  31. Clarity
  32. Healing
  33. Truth is Unfolding
  34. The Allowance of the Feared Unknown
  35. Self Healing