Invitation to Freedom

The Bridge Amplification Series
- Bridge 1 -

Story Waters

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For Seth

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Bridge 1 - Invitation to Freedom

The God Seed Activation

About the Author


Welcome to Bridge Amplification Series of Kindle eBooks.

My name is Story Waters and I am a channeler and mystic. I channel the large collective of non-physical beings that is present on Earth through many thousands of teachers; not only as overt spiritual teachers and channelers, but also as pioneers and way-showers in all walks of life. Most notable of these presences on Earth, in terms of channeling, is Abraham through Esther Hicks. Expressed through myself this state of collective consciousness is called SunSon.

The Bridge of Consciousness is the name of the large body of work (predominantly in audio form) that I have created with SunSon. In July 2013 SunSon announced that the ‘first run-through’ or the ‘foundation’ of The Bridge of Consciousness was complete and that they now wanted to run through all the concepts in a series of ‘Bridge Amplification’ audio recordings that would draw on the material delivered to date, both energetically amplifying and ideologically expanding (further freeing) it. What you are about to read is a transcription of one of those audio recordings.

At the same time as there was this announcement of the Bridge Amplification Series, more individuated members of SunSon were starting to step forward through me to aid in this amplification process, as well as to start offering more progressive perspectives from more defined levels of consciousness. Most recognizable of these beings is Seth, who was originally channeled by Jane Roberts, and John, who is the entity that birthed both John Lennon and John the Baptist.

Despite only recently stepping forward and individually announcing himself, Seth has revealed that he has always been with me and was the predominant energy behind my second book ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’ (available on Kindle). With the text from that book being the primary base material that is being used in the first run of Bridge recordings, Seth is present in their creation and has now started overtly speaking in the Bridge Amplification recordings.

I look forward to releasing all the Bridge Amplification recordings as short transcription Kindle eBooks and hope you enjoy the added layers of meaning that can be derived from experiencing the Bridge in text form. I also encourage you to experience the original audio recordings, the first of which are free to download through

Enjoy the Bridge Amplification Series!