Invitation to Freedom Consciousness

Ideas are Invitations to a New Reality

I am a spiritual author, channeler, and mystic — by which I simply mean I connect into the wider reality of consciousness that our physical experience births from, and I bring information / messages / energy through.

When you open up to the wider state of consciousness, you realize there is not just one Earth — not just one reality. There are infinite versions of the human experience, infinite variations of reality, and essentially, we are spiritual beings — in physical form — traversing them. For example, some of the more advanced ideas include connecting across time, connecting to other probable realities, and connecting to your spiritual family.

Where the teachings lead to is really quite amazing. But, to start with, the more fundamental concepts must be met, which is more about releasing your wounds, moving into a state of freedom consciousness, and connecting with your spirit and opening that flow of communication.

Awakening is not about ascending and leaving the planet. It is about integrating your spirit. It is about creating heaven on Earth by creating peace with and knowing of yourself.

It is about freedom consciousness. This is being all that you can be here in physical form which happens when you begin to see through the illusion, and you see that this is all a game — a game called ‘The Human Experience’ that you are freely choosing from a place of great wisdom. This allows you to live without fear affecting your choices.