Love Is Awake

Love Is Awake was my first release after 'The Messiah Seed' book and was originally just an audio recording. A second text that became a part of the ebook is also included.

Table of Contents

Love Is Awake

  • Introduction
  • The Love that is Awake
  • Know your Self
  • Re-Choosing
  • Loving Everything
  • No Hierarchy

The Power to Choose Joy

  • Stand in Your Power
  • Releasing the Idea of Mistakes
  • You Are God
  • The Choice for Joy
  • Joy and Money
  • Judgment of Suffering
  • The Choice to Suffer
  • Summation


You are awakening in this very moment. You chose to be here at this time in your history to experience what you are calling ‘awakening.’ Know that you not only chose to be here at this time, but that you are the creator of this time, and you created Now to be the time of awakening. And now you are here, living in your creation, at the time of awakening, and even though you may not as yet have let the feeling into your heart, I tell you that this is the beginning of the time for which you have strived. You are here, in the Now, and you are awakening. It is the time for celebration.

The celebration starts now and will live on eternally in the joys of being that have birthed from your journey. What has been achieved is real. It has touched All That Is. The very nature of being is expanded, all life is enhanced, and it is your collective energy that has made it so. Through you, the love that has always been, that from which all life births, has awoken in a new way. And so I call this energy, this expansion of being that has birthed from your heart, the Love That Is Awake. It is the very energy of what you call awakening and it is experienced as the opening of the heart to universal, unconditional, awakened love.

And now, just as you have always had unlimited access to the love of God, you also all have unlimited access to the Love That Is Awake; for it is yours. It is of your creation. It is that which has birthed from the beingness of your world. The fruits of your labor are now available to you within the reality from which you birthed them. Awaken to the love that you have awakened. That is to say, be the Love That Is Awake, embody the Love That Is Awake. Awaken. Awaken to the love that you are.

You are an expression of All That Is (the Tao / God / Life).  You chose to come to a reality where, when you enter, you forget that you are All That Is. This forgetting is what allows the complete freedom of will that you wish to experience. By connecting to your spirit, the limitless part of you that continues to exist outside of physical reality, you are now coming to remember that you are God, experiencing itself in a unique chosen individuated way. This process of remembering (awakening to) what you are, not only re-connects you to All That You Are, but has also awoken All That Is to experience itself in a new and freeing way. This is to say that through your collective beingness on Earth you have enhanced the beingness of God and you, as a living self-aware expression of God, now have access to that expanded state of being. It is a state of being that allows you to experience and ground your infinite godhood, your limitlessness, within physical reality. It is to awaken the loving energy of the God that you are into your Now. You have always been All That Is, and now you can experience that godhood in the wakefulness of your life. You are awakening the love that you are. It is time to experience, be, and express the Love That Is Awake, for that is what you are.