Meeting Seth

Sessions 1-4

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Table of Contents


Session 1 - I Am Seth

Session 2 - A New Experience

Session 3 - Time is an Illusion

Session 4 - Awaken the Giant Within

About the Author

First Edition Foreword

My name is Story Waters and I have been channeling for around twenty years now. I have always cited Seth and Jane Roberts as my teachers and, like many others, I have carried the belief that Seth would not be channeled again since Jane’s death. On the 18th of May 2013 that all changed in a split second when Seth’s energy appeared to me.

It is important to understand that any new channeling connection takes time to develop. Jane for example (as outlined in Book 1 of ‘The Early Sessions’), began first communicating with Seth a letter at a time through a Ouija board and he initially presented himself as the spirit of someone called ‘Frank Watts’. As each of the four sessions transcribed here unfolds you will notice a quick progression as I learn to be a channel for Seth. One example of this is that Seth appeared the first three times after I had had a 'herbal' toke (which Seth comments on), but by the fourth appearance the pathway of connection had been established enough to dispense with this aid.

I have created a video that includes audio clips from all four sessions.  I encourage the reader to listen to this recording in order to get a better feel for Seth’s energy, as well as to experience the progression of my ability to convey his voice. You will also feel his affection and humor in a way that does not translate into text.

I am someone who has always described myself more as a spiritual explorer who is sharing their journey, rather than as a spiritual teacher. To share the journey as it unfolds is my natural way of teaching / modeling a way of being. One consequence of this is that I cannot tell you where all this is heading. I cannot tell you that this connection will remain. I do not know how it will fit in with my channeling of SunSon which I know will continue. It may have been sensible to have sat on my communications with Seth until more was established, but then I am not ‘sensible’. I am someone that follows my heart and shares my journey - no matter where it leads.