Open Your Mind to See the Hidden Layers of Reality

There are many hidden layers to reality other than the physical, temporal, mental, and emotional. These layers have become hidden through our choice of beliefs; it is therefore us that has come to hide from them by not focusing on them. We do this through a belief they are not real or not important.

If we do happen to perceive one of these hidden layers, we have powerful mechanisms that tell us we did not perceive what we think we just did. These mechanisms primarily operate through the fear of being insane, abnormal, or different, as well as the fear of being perceived by others as weird, imbalanced, or a liar.

This fear drives our ability to quickly and effectively dismiss what we do not understand. However, if you evolve your belief-system through opening your mind to include more than is immediately apparent to your biological senses, you will start to perceptively translate these hidden layers into your experience.

Fear stops us seeing clearly. When you do not fear something, you do not fear seeing it clearly.