The Awakening Codes

“I Have Nothing To Fear”

By Seth, Future Seth & Story Waters

Bolded text is Seth. Non-bolded words are my commentary. Where you see non-bolded text within bolded text then words have been added to make it read better.

On October 1st 2013, several months after my first overtly conscious contact with Seth, this incredible being took me on a third “ride to the other side”—to the wider reality. With the aid of an audio recording made through this journey I look forward to relating one of the most incredible spiritual experiences of my life. What I have written best conveys the heart of the experience rather than a dry, literal account. That said, the actual words spoken by Seth (or Future Seth) are almost completely unaltered.

On this particular “ride” I remember thinking that it felt like flying through outer space. I am not sure where I went, but I was brought back to Earth from this dreamlike place by a touch on the heel of my foot. There was a potent energy pulsing through me—the kind that makes you feel overwhelmed. I felt Seth calming my heart with the message: “It is all good. It is all good.”

I then began speaking for Seth: