Your Dream Starts Here

Your dream is in what you love to feel

We each have a personal dream — a fantasy about what life could be. This is beyond any mental ideal that represents some outward pinnacle of achievement. It is our hope of experiencing a reality that consistently feels good.

Although we enjoy fantasizing about the details of what would feel most wonderful, the outward details do not matter as long as they generate the feeling that you are living your dream. At the heart of your dream are the emotions you feel most drawn to. Opening the door to live your dream requires you to have a belief in your ability to feel these powerful emotions.

What flavor of wonderful do you want to feel? Maybe you want to feel loved, supported, validated, respected, peaceful, excited, nurtured, nurturing, or part of a cooperative group. Our dream is constantly evolving as we learn about ourselves and the experiences that most satisfy us.

Our dreams change because we change.

A dream that never changes is a prison.

Let go of any belief, and ignore any person that tells you your dream is not for today. There are no obstacles except those which you create by carrying negative beliefs about the inevitability of struggle. All that appears to separate you from your dream is a perceptual illusion — a lie — that you can release as soon as you recognize it.

The face of that illusion is seen in the many names that we give our fears.