3) A Framework for Everything

Instrument to Access the Next Circle of Human Consciousness

One Self Teachings Primer
by Story Waters

The ideas presented in this book come together to form a new framework of understanding through which the self and reality can be experienced. The breadth and branching nature of ideas involved means there is no single linear path that can be taken through them. Each text in this book is a stone in the foundation and, over several readings, they will all come together to create a completely new foundation of understanding within you. As such “A Framework for Everything” is an advanced primer that will elevate your understanding of all the content I have ever created.

Each text flows into the next to form a wider arc of understanding. There are currently three arcs of 12 to 13 texts in the book. As you move through the book you will start to see how these arcs begin to conceptually connect and, when this happens, you will continue to see deeper into the framework as a whole.

Because of this laying of many foundation stones, it is important to just keep reading even when you do not feel you are fully grasping something, as you will receive more information about the concept when you see how other concepts connect with it. The reason the ideas cannot be expressed in one linear line is not because they are complicated, it is because ultimately this book seeks to convey to you how to step out of linearity and into multi-dimensionality.

Arc 1 - The Relationship between the One and the Many.

Arc 1 of A FRAMEWORK FOR EVERYTHING contains thirteen texts.

Table of Contents

  • One Consciousness Creates All Individuality
  • The One And The Many
  • The Reality Of One Will
  • Diversification Versus Separation
  • Nothing Opposes You Except Your Fear
  • Truth As Relative Awareness
  • Knowing Guidance
  • Conceiving Unending Potential
  • Time Is An Illusion
  • The Illusion Is Real
  • Loving Your Limited Focus
  • A Focusing Mirror Forms Human Reality
  • Earth’s Bridging Consciousness
  • Arc 1 Summary