‘To be free’ is a choice I embody in these words.

Loving Unconsciousness from No Religion: Consciousness Creates Reality.

Chapter 5 is now available with audio and illustrations.

"To soften the mental containment of linear time, open the aperture of your perception to see the equality of all moments. This is to see the value of every moment of your life — the ups and the downs. It is not that you must love every moment equally. We are designed to experience a positive preference alongside our fear-based avoidance. But it is to see the connection/unifying intention/unity of all the moments of your life. Every moment of your life is connected. You are the connection. To see what connects all the moments of your life is to see the wholeness of your life. This is the clearest reflection of your spirit and reveals your eternal nature. This is to know you would not be who you are without every moment of your experience. Every moment is as you will it to be. Every moment is valuable. This is the equality of moments. To wholey love yourself is not to want to give up or exchange any aspect of what you are, including what you may perceive to be your imperfections. It is to not want to change a moment of what made you."

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